bingo1Family Bingo at Sunfox is for all ages, although young children should be accompanied by an adult.  Bingo lasts approximately 90 minutes, including the “regular” session and the “high stakes” component. Card sales begin about 15 minutes prior to the posted start time. We offer two different types of Bingo cards. Our $1 cards are good for the first 8 to 10 games of Bingo (lasting about an hour), while our high-stakes cards are $5 each and are only good for the 5 “high stakes” games at the end (about another 20 minutes). You may buy as many cards as you like—some people play just 1 card, while others may play 8 of the $1 cards and 4 green cards or more.   All of the money that is collected is distributed as prizes.   See details below (specific games subject to change, with a few crazy games, such as “Flip Flop Bingo” or “Close Enough Bingo” mixed in for good measure).


  • All ages welcome (young children should be accompanied by an adult)
  • All money collected is distributed in prizes
  • Brown cards are $1 each and are for first 8-10 games (lasting about 1 hour)
  • Green cards are $5 each and are for last 5 games (lasting about 30 minutes)
  • Card sales begin approximately 15 minutes before posted start time
  • Program Subject to Change without notice

Typical Brown Card Session (Games 1-10)

Game #                                Game Type                         Approximate Prize

Game 1                                Regular Bingo                    5%

Game 2                                Hardway Bingo                  5%

Game 3                                Double Bingo                     5%

Game 4                                4 Corner Bingo                  5%

Game 5                                X or +                                    10%

Game 6                                X or +                                    10%

Game 7                                Stand Up Sit Down          10%

Game 8                                Small Picture Frame        10%

Game 9                                Six Pack Bingo                    10%

Game 10              Crazy T                                  30%

Green Card Session (Games 11-15)

Game #                                Game Type                         Approximate Prize

Game 11              4 Corner Bingo                  20%

Game 12              Stand Up Sit Down          10%

Game 13              Regular Bingo                    10%

Game 14              Double Bingo                     10%

Game 15              Fill Your Card Cover All   50%


Fewest Calls for the “Fill Your Card” Cover-All (Black-Out)–Break our record and win a Sunfox Sweatshirt!:

Current Record: Jen Boc (Oct 9, 2017): 56 calls
Prior Record Holder: Joel J (May 23, 2014 & July 21, 2017): 57 calls

4-Call 4-Corner BINGO Winners–(win a Sunfox T-shirt):

Brock N (August 1, 2014)
Linda J (October 3, 2014)
Gracie (August 1, 2015)
Ava (September 30, 2017)

Fewest Calls for a Regular Bingo (break the record and win a Sunfox T-shirt) cole bingo

kaden bingoCole (10/14/17)–6 calls
Kaden L (April 9, 2017); Maureen B (May 2017), Deb M (June 2017) & Ethan (8/20/17)–7 calls

Most Numbers Survived on Stand-Up/Sit-Down Bingo (Break or tie the record and win a Sunfox T-shirt)

Ruby T (Sept 29, 2017)–22 calls; Paul (July 16, 2016)–20 calls; Jenny (Aug 13, 2017)–19 calls